about me
my name is klara and i use she/they. 22 years old. polyamorous bisexual. virgo sun, virgo moon and scorpio rising. esfj.
this is an 18+ twitter so please dont follow if under 13. i will tweet in danish, this is an overall everything and anything twitter but will turn into eurovision in may.
homo-, bi-, islam- or transphobic. racist, pedo or incest shipper.
current interests
anything that catches my 0.5 second attention span
general interests
musicals, horror movies, eurovision
oingo boingo, talking heads, they might be giants, autoheart, lp, the front bottoms, mother mother
my white guys of the month but it is year-round
danny elfman, bo burnham, andy samberg, david byrne, andrew garfield
the women i adore
amala dlamini, laura pergolizzi, ahn hye-jin